Home Pic There's no place like home. It's where you feel most comfortable, where you entertain, relax and escape from the world. It's also filled with your treasured possessions. So when it comes to insuring your home and belongings, have EasyInsure.ca provide you with the best quotes on home owners insurance and the ability to purchase your policy directly online without even having to leave the comfort of your home!
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If you’re like most Canadians, your home and everything in it, is easily your most valuable asset. That’s why your home and property insurance is easily the second most important investment you’ll make. They say home is where the heart is - this is why it’s the best place to shop around and learn about the policy that will protect it, within the pressure-free comfort of your own home.

There are so many agents representing individual insurers dying for your attention by promising the best rates. The only way to know for sure is to shop around and compare. EasyInsure.ca makes it easy to shop for homeowners insurance by delivering the most comprehensive list of quotes available, tailored to your personal household needs and all from the comfort of your own home.

Homeowners Insurance to Protect Your Life Essentials

Home: Coverage for the house itself including add-ons

Around the Home: Detached or structures built on your property around your home may require additional coverage

Contents: Protect all the stuff you keep inside your house from dangers, including theft, fire and even water damage - everything inside your house is covered

You and Your Family: Your homeowners insurance policy should include personal liability protection that covers you wherever you go

Homeowners Insurance to Protect Your Life Essentials

EasyInsure.ca believes you should take the time to go through and read your policy. Just reading a home insurance policy can go a long way in educating consumers in how to avoid the most common and costly problems to befall homeowners. For instance, many homeowners insurance policy holders are surprised to know just how much is covered under their personal liability, it’s helpful to know that you’re covered outside the home. But can be a valuable lesson in home ownership to know what is not covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Your insurer is incentivized to see to it that your home is protected, so just knowing the ins and outs of your policy is a crash course in home care from the expert that has seen it all. With EasyInsure.ca, a helpful representative is only a phone call away to help explain and clarify exactly what is covered before you ever have to make a claim.

One thing is for sure, if you ever have to make a claim on your homeowners insurance, you’re not having a good day. So, it’s not the time to learn some of the common pitfalls in home insurance claims.

What the Typical Home Insurance Policy Does Not Cover

There are financial aspects of home ownership aren’t covered by insurance such as property taxes or mortgage payments, that’s usually covered under a separate policy. But even some natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and sinkholes usually aren’t covered by your standard policy. Outside of structures built outside the home, most policies won’t cover the land around your home.

Talk to your EasyInsure.ca insurance provider for more details and more helpful home protection tips by getting a homeowners insurance quote with us today.

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