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Tenant Insurance 101

Coverage for pennies a day

Tenant insurance is affordable. For less than a dollar a day you can cover the things you own, whether you rent an apartment, condominium, or a house. However, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada about 50 per cent of renters in Ontario, for example, do not have tenant insurance.

Remember that a landlord is only responsible for the building itself, not your belongings. So, if the unexpected happens, and you don’t have tenant insurance you will be responsible for replacing everything. That’s a big bill.

Protect personal property

Don’t underestimate the value of you have. It may surprise you to learn the average renter has about $35,000 worth of personal property. If you’re the victim of theft or a fire, for example, a tenant’s insurance policy can provide the replacement value of what you own.

Liability matters too

When it comes to tenant insurance protection of your belongings is only part of the story. If something goes wrong in your home that causes damage to the property, your landlord’s insurer could find you are liable for damages. Fire, water damage or even a personal injury that take place on property you rent could be your responsibility. If you have tenant’s insurance, your insurer will deal with liability issues on your behalf.

Complete a quote and set up a policy online or talk to an agent today and get covered in minutes! We represent major insurers across Canada and can help you find a policy that fits your needs - no matter where you call home.

How much does Tenant Insurance Cost?

How are premiums calculated?

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Ways to save will help you get the best quotes from leading insurers across Canada, but there other ways to save on premiums. You can:

  • Bundle: If you have a car, consider getting a quote from your auto insurer. You may be eligible for a discount for “bundling” your auto and tenant’s policies together.
  • Shop around: No two insurers are the same. Compare quotes from multiple insurers.
  • Get the right fit: Avoid having coverage you don’t need.
  • Ask about discounts: Talk to your insurer about discounts offered for tenant policies.
  • Get an alarm system: A monitored alarm system in your rental will qualify you for a discount. It can be installed by your landlord, or you can do it yourself.
  • Agree to a credit check: If you have good credit, it may be to your advantage to agree to the optional credit check as part of your quote. You may save more.
  • Claims free: Think before deciding to open a claim, especially one that’s a lower dollar value. You will pay less if you stay claims-free.
  • Raise the deductible: This means you will pay more if you decide to make a claim before your insurance kicks in, but it will also help lower your premium.
  • Pay annually: If you pay for your policy up front you will save on the interest and administrative fees that are part of monthly payments.

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Premier Group of Companies
Bank of Montreal Insurance Financial Group
Allianz SE Insurance Financial Services Company
Nordic Insurance Company of Canada
Novex Group Insurance
SGI Insurance Canada
Travelers Canada


Is Tenant Insurance mandatory?

No. You do not need it to rent a place to live. However, proof of tenant insurance may be required as a term of your lease agreement.

Does Tenant Insurance cover theft?

Yes. Tenant insurance provides protection in the event your personal items are stolen from your rental.

Can the Landlord make me get Tenant Insurance?

It depends on provincial regulations. Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act, for example, doesn’t require tenant insurance. However, landlords do have the right to see proof of insurance as a lease condition.

Does each renter in my apartment need their own Tenant Insurance?

Yes. It is recommended each tenant of a property have their own policy. If you live in the same apartment, for example, insure all people in a single household under the same policy.

How much Tenant Insurance do I need?

If you have a lot of personal items – or expensive ones - you may want a higher limit. You probably own more than you think so don’t leave yourself underinsured. Speak with your broker to determine the appropriate level of coverage.

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