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The EasyInsure Super Visa Health Insurance Coverage is right for you if:

- If you want a comprehensive, affordable coverage option

- If you are applying for the Super Visa as a parent or grandparent

- If you want to meet the requirements of Canadian Super Visa

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EasyInsure Super Visa Health Insurance Coverage.

Introduction to the Canadian Super Visa

The new Super Visa enables the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit their family in Canada for up to two years. It is a multi-entry Visa. This VISA came into effect on December 1, 2011.

One of the eligibility requirements for getting a Super Visa is proof of private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company.

Super Visa Health Insurance requirements

As well as being issued by a Canadian insurance company, the Super Visa health insurance coverage must:

  • Be valid for a minimum of one year
  • Cover health care, hospitalization and repatriation
  • Provide a minimum coverage of $100,000
  • Be valid for each entry to Canada and available for review by a port of entry officer

Who needs Super Visa Health Insurance?

Anyone applying for the Canadian Super Visa must show they've purchased private medical insurance that meets the Super Visa requirements. The Super Visa Health Insurance policy you obtain through EasyInsure will satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be valid for the one year period you specify at the time of purchase
  • Include the necessary health care, hospitalization and repatriation coverage
  • Provide a minimum of $100,000 in coverage, although you choose more coverage

EasyInsure Super Visa Health Insurance Coverage Details:

  • Mandatory coverage for 365 days
  • $100,000 - $300,000 coverage limits available
  • Visa, MasterCard & AMEX accepted
  • Policy issued instantly
  • $0 deductible standard but can increase deductible for up to 45% discounts


  • The applicant(s) is over the age of 14 days old and has not reached the age of 90 years at the time of application.
  • The applicant(s) is:


a foreign worker, or a visitor to Canada with valid legal status in Canada; or,


an immigrant awaiting provincial government health care coverage; or,


a returning Canadian not eligible for provincial government health care plan due to an extended leave.

  • The expenses the applicant(s) incur result from an Acute, sudden and unexpected Emergency.


          The Company will not provide coverage, provide services, or pay claims for expenses incurred directly or indirectly as a result of:

  • Pre-existing Conditions as defined except as follows:
    • for persons 69 years and under, if Stable in the 120 days prior to the effective date of this Policy; or,
    • for persons 70 to 79 years, if Stable in the 120 days prior to the effective date of this Policy and the applicable optional coverage was purchased.
  • Any loss incurred as a result of Sickness that originated or was symptomatic during the Waiting Period as follows:
    • the first 48 hours from the effective date of this Policy, if this Policy was purchased within 60 days of Your arrival date in Canada; or,
    • within the first seven (7) days from the effective date of this Policy, if this Policy was purchased 61 days or more after Your arrival date in Canada.
  • Any subsequent claim of the same medical condition with respect to a Sickness or Injury, that occurred during a covered trip and for which a claim has already been made or is pending.
  • Conditions or any related conditions for which, prior to arrival date in Canada, testing or investigative consultation took place, was scheduled to take place or was recommended, and for which results had not yet been received at the time of departure from Your country of ordinary permanent residence. This includes tests that were recommended or scheduled prior to departure, but had not yet taken place at the time of departure.
  • Tests and investigative consultation, including but not limited to biopsies, except when performed at the time of initial Emergency Sickness or Injury.