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What Have You Been Putting Off?

What Have You Been Putting Off?
With the upcoming change in season, a fresh start to a new school year still resonates with many of us. As we help prepare our children for a new beginning, it’s an opportunity for us all get organized as we head into the last few months of the year.

We’ve compiled some considerations to help everyone begin fall on the right foot.

Review your spending

Did you have savings goals for the year? Are you on track? Now is a great time to review your spending and look for opportunities to save money. Perhaps it’s a better deal on your family’s cell phone plan, or cancelling an unused subscription. A quick review of your credit card statements may reveal savings for you.

Organizing important documents

Do you have all your investment, life insurance, banking information, will or other personal documents well organized? If something happens to you, does a trusted person have access to these files?

What aren’t you doing?

Have you put off getting life insurance? Creating a will or making final arrangements? Obtaining extra health coverage? Make a list of things you’ve put off and then an action plan to accomplish them!

Insurance considerations 

Have there been changes to your home, your driving habits, travel plans or lifestyle? Are there potential gaps in your coverage, or areas you believe may entitle you to an insurance discount?

If we can help you with any of these questions, please reach out to us: 1-800-679-2640

Streamlining and organizing your personal matters now will give you the feeling that anything is possible with a fresh start!