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The Top Ten Reasons to Consider Life Insurance

The Top Ten Reasons to Consider Life Insurance
Life insurance is an affordable and often easy to obtain means to help secure your loved ones’ financial future. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider purchasing life insurance.

  1. Do you have a family or are you planning or expecting children?
  2. Are you married or do you have a life partner?
  3. Are you healthy?
  4. Do you have a mortgage, student loans or other debts?
  5. Are you or may you have to support your ageing parents?
  6. Are you self-employed, work in a family business, or have a key business partner? 
  7. Are you employed in a high-risk field or expecting to be?
  8. Do you need to establish credit?
  9. Do you enjoy extreme hobbies?
  10. Do you want to live your life with peace of mind?
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