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The Importance of Keeping in Contact with Your Insurance Broker

The Importance of Keeping in Contact with Your Insurance Broker
A quick review, then filing away your insurance documents once a year is not enough. We recommend contacting your insurance broker whenever you have a change in your life.

Lifestyle changes

Do you plan on retiring soon or have you recently retired? Your employment status may affect your home and auto premiums and potential savings. 

Are you driving less, or using your personal vehicle for work purposes?

Are you losing or expecting a change to your group health benefits? A call to your insurance broker can help you determine your current and future health insurance needs and available options.

Working from home?

Have you acquired valuable office equipment? Are customers visiting your home? You may additional insurance and a review of your liability coverage.

Successfully paying down your mortgage? 

If you’ve been working to pay down your mortgage and have established good equity in your home, there may be a significant financial benefit to choosing term life insurance policy over your current mortgage insurance. To learn more about this option, please click here.

If you are now mortgage free, be sure to let your insurance broker know as you may qualify for an insurance discount.

Home improvements or an increase in resale or replacement value?

Many parts of Canada are experiencing rising housing costs. Does your current condo or house insurance policy have you adequately covered? Have you done improvements to your home which positively affect its value or security? Reach out to your insurance broker!

Made an expensive personal purchase? 

Jewlery, art, wine collections... even sporting equipment such as bikes and kayaks: be certain your insurance policy covers the items you value!


The way we travel has undergone dramatic change, and the pandemic is a sobering reminder that we all need to protect our health and our finances each and every time we leave our home province. If you plan on travelling or have recently had a change to your health which may affect your travel medical insurance, it’s imperative that have a conversation with your insurance broker.

Buying a seasonal property or cottage?

Know before you buy! Canadian insurers have had no choice in recent years but to implement restrictions on insurance coverage limits or policies due to an increase in severe weather events in Canada. Learn the claims history of a property or area you’re interested in purchasing and discuss available options and potential limitations with your insurance broker.

Whether expecting or experiencing a change in your life, or even a home upgrade that you might deem unimportant, a quick conversation with your insurance professional can ensure you have the coverage you need, at a price that is fair. To begin a conversation with an EasyInsure insurance professional, please reach out to us at 1-800-679-2640 or email: