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Is Your Auto Insurance Renewing Soon? You Are 5 Minutes From Savings

Is Your Auto Insurance Renewing Soon? You Are 5 Minutes From Savings
Whether you’re a new driver, are labelled as “high risk”, are a retiree, or anywhere in between, we work with more than 45 insurance companies and can shop the market for you to find you the right coverage at a fair price.

Here’s what a few of our customers have said about obtaining car insurance with EasyInsure.

Vic went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed to insure my car, highly suggest talking to him if you have any questions regarding insurance. Great experience and very friendly. - Kyle

This was the best service I’ve ever gotten regarding car insurance. Not only was it quick and easy but the employee really worked with me to get me the best rate possible. No judgement on their end just a focus on the customer. I would recommend anyone to Easyinsure. I really don’t write reviews on companies but this one needs a review. Out of 10, I would give them an 11! Great work. - T-Roy

Ali & Omar are one of the best insurance professionals I have ever dealt with, they offered me the best price for my two cars which saved me about $150 per month compared to other companies. – Osama

Vic was the broker who assisted me today in finding a reasonable quote for car insurance. He took the time to go over everything, he was courteous, very professional and responsive to my questions. – Adam

Mark is very professional and gives the impression at all times that he knows his business thoroughly and keeps his clients top of mind; general communication and advice were both excellent throughout the process. He was able to find significant savings with business and auto policies and details were taken care of with minimal requirements from me which was extremely helpful. - James

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