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As Canada’s first full-service online insurance broker, we at EasyInsure know your time is valuable and you work hard for your money. That’s why it’s our job to help you save both time and money! At you can do it all.

Since 2007, our brokerage has been helping clients shop the market to find the most competitive auto insurance premiums customized to your needs., one of Canada’s fastest growing auto insurance brokers, helps you find out which leading insurance provider will save you money.

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We represent and compare coverage from more than 45 insurance carriers including…

Intact Insurance Financial Corporation
Travelers Canada
April Canada
Gore Mutual Insurance Company
Chieftain Insurance
Perth Insurance
Coachman Insurance Company
Jevco Insurance Company
Premier Group of Companies
Bank of Montreal Insurance Financial Group
Allianz SE Insurance Financial Services Company
Nordic Insurance Company of Canada
Novex Group Insurance
SGI Insurance Canada
Travelers Canada

Shopping for Auto Insurance in Canada - Made Easy!

Buying auto insurance is a necessity. So, it only makes sense to take every step you can to keep premiums down. Why pay for extra coverage you don’t need? Make use of the following tips to save on your next policy. At we make it that easy! | 4 Money-Saving Tips for Auto Insurance

Compare, Compare, Compare

The most important factor in getting the best possible quote is shopping around. makes it a snap to compare companies across Canada and the premiums available to you. Not only will you save on your next policy, it’s quick too! Just click on Start Auto Quote and we take care of the rest.

Review Your Current Policy

At least once a year, it’s a good idea to give yourself an insurance refresher. Know the terms and what your current policy covers particularly as it pertains to your vehicle. As vehicles get older, they decline sharply in value. If it’s an older model, is it time to drop comprehensive and collision? Ensure your coverage fits the vehicle. Foregoing extra coverage can mean significant savings on premiums.

Driver’s Ed has its benefits

Have a teen yearning to drive? Seek out an accredited driver training program. Not only will your son or daughter learn more about road safety, but they will be a better driver for it. And when they complete the course, you may be entitled to a discount if they’re insured under your policy.

The Broker Advantage

Understanding the difference between an insurance agent and broker is important when looking for the best coverage that fits your needs. A broker has access to several insurance providers in your market, but not all of them. An agent represents a single insurance company and only provides a single quote. When it comes time to renew, it’s a step in the right direction to check with more than one broker and multiple agents to compare premiums. You should also make an online broker like part of your search. isn’t limited to a single insurer and will help you quickly compare premiums from leading insurers across Canada. See for yourself. Get a quote today to find out if you’re overpaying for your car insurance!

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