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As a tenant, you don't own your home, but you have likely invested a lot of time and money into furnishing and decorating it. If the unexpected happens, and a loss should occur, your landlord is only responsible to insure the building, and not the contents inside it. Without a tenants insurance policy, replacing everything could cost you thousands of dollars! Apply now for a quick online quote, as tenant insurance is something you just can't afford to be without.
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If you’re a tenant or renter, you may not own your place of residence, but you’ve still invested time, money and love into furnishing, decorating and upkeep. Your residence is where you keep most of your property, even if your name isn’t on the deed, it’s still your home and you can protect it with an affordable tenant’s insurance policy. If the unexpected happens, your landlord’s insurance policy is only responsible for the building itself, not your precious contents that may have been lost or damaged inside. Without a tenant's insurance policy, you’ll be personally responsible for replacing everything you own, the cost of everything you value is simply incalculable.

Affordable Tenant or Renter Insurance Policy To Fit Your Life

Fortunately there’s where you can apply for a quick online quote for tenant’s insurance that gives you peace of mind.

When it comes to tenant’s insurance, protection of your personal property is only part of the story. If something went wrong in your home that caused damaged to the property, your landlord’s insurer could find you liable for damages. Fire, water damage or even a personal injury that takes place on property you’re renting could all fall under your responsibility. But not if you have tenant’s insurance. Your tenant’s insurance policy is in your corner, changing the legal conversation away from your personal liability and to your insurer.

Personal Property - Covered Affordably with Tenant’s Insurance

Don’t underestimate the value of your personal property. If you’re the victim of theft, you have enough to worry about. There are police reports and that vulnerable feeling that you’ve been exposed to the risk of theft. But with a tenant’s insurance policy your property is protected as tenant’s insurance can provide replacement value of any stolen goods. Tenant’s insurance also happens to be one of the most affordable insurance policies you can buy. For less than a penny per-day you can protect tens of thousands of dollars in personal property.

Talk to an EasyInsure agent today, we represent major insurers across Canada and we can find a policy that best serves your interests - no matter where you call home.

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