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Auto Pic is one of Canada's fastest growing Rented Dwelling Insurance Brokers. Within Minutes find out what leading insurance provider will save you money on your rented dwelling insurance!  After choosing the best fit for you, purchase the policy with us here online, and free up the rest of your busy day! Now that's a forward thinking solution.
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So, you purchased a rental property – congratulations! Owning a rental property can be an excellent way to generate income that can be put towards paying down your mortgage, other forms of debt, or making other types of investments.

That said, owning a rental property does come with some risks. First and foremost, while you can (and should) be very careful with who you rent the property out to, it’s impossible to know for certain if the people occupying the rented dwelling will treat the property in a caring and respectful way. No matter what the owner of a property does to try and ensure their tenants are upstanding citizens, there’s always a chance that a rented dwelling will be abused.

Rented Dwelling Insurance is Easy as A-B-C

1. Compare. Put our rental insurance brokers to work for you. represents over 45 insurance companies across Canada, we specialize in insurance for your rented dwelling.

2 Purchase - makes buying rental insurance quick and easy. Selected the right quote for you and your policy will be completed and confirmation printed online.

3 Manage - We don’t just buy your policy and walk away. The EasyInsure difference lets you continually manage your insurance needs. Once logged back into your secure online profile, we make it easy to view your personal details, make changes to your policy or even make a claim online or through a toll-free number.

Of course, it’s also possible that you will find respectable and caring renters who will look after the property just as you hoped. But even in these situations, accidents can happen. Even the best renters can start fires, experience vandalism, or suffer from a break-in. Any of these cases could result in substantial property loss and expensive repairs that could present you, as the property owner, with a serious financial setback.

In the end, it’s just as important to protect your rental property as it is to protect your own home. You can protect your investment against these and other types of risks by acquiring the right kind of rented dwelling insurance. With EasyInsure, you can gain access to comprehensive coverage for your rental property, as we’re one of the fastest-growing rented dwelling insurance brokers in Canada. In just a few minutes our customer service specialists can provide you with a clear, straightforward quote for your rental property and put you on the path to fully protecting your investment and everything within it.

Look For These Key Benefits in Your Rented Dwelling Insurance

  • All-Risk Insurance: A wide policy that insures your home from a host of the most common sources of rental claims
  • Content Insurance: This covers all the personal property you keep inside your rented dwelling from theft or damage
  • Personal Liability: Personal protection from lawsuits stemming from unintended damage to the rental property or injury sustained on your rental
  • Additional Living Expenses Coverage: In the event of a claim, whether you’re at fault or not, the Additional Living Expenses portion of your policy covers some or all of the cost of living away from your rental such as renting a hotel room.

After choosing the best fit for you, purchase the policy with us here online, and free up the rest of your busy day; now that's a forward-thinking solution.

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