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What’s Stopping You from Offering Your Employees a Group Health Plan?

What’s Stopping You from Offering Your Employees a Group Health Plan?
We hear from so many small business owners that they would have offered their employees a group health benefit plan years ago if only they knew how easy and advantageous it was to initiate!

What’s holding you back from implementing a group health insurance plan?

My business is too small.

Whether your small business has one employee or fifty, we are proud to offer many plan options for companies of all sizes.

Group health plans are too expensive for my small business.

Many small business owners are surprised to learn that it is more cost-efficient to implement a group health plan rather than give employees a raise or a bonus. Click here to view a real-life example.

I’m concerned about the rising costs of health care.

Understanding that your bottom line is important to you, we help you choose a plan not only based on your current needs and goals but also capping your future expenditures – maintaining costs for your business.

How does my business benefit from offering a group benefits package?

Aside from the cost-efficient example above, there are several reasons offering a group health benefit plan is a strategic decision for small businesses: 

  • Helps retain key employees
  • Helps to attract quality talent
  • Increases employee engagement and morale
  • Healthy employees are more productive and happier
I don’t know what plan would work best for my business.

Our EasyInsure group health professionals work with you to help assess your employee's needs, keeping in mind affordability for all.

Plans are time-consuming and difficult for my business to manage.

We not only work with you to choose a plan, but we also help implement the plan, educating your employees on the details. Once the plan is in place, maintenance only takes a couple of hours a month and is simple to delegate if you have an administrative team member.

How do I begin the process?

While there are many options and price structures available when choosing a group health plan, and it may outwardly appear overwhelming, our experienced professionals at EasyInsure are committed to making the process “easy” for every small business owner.

Reach out to us with a phone call: 1-800-679-2640 or send us an email: