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Timely and Seamless Customs Bonding

Timely and Seamless Customs Bonding
Have you or your business ever tried to export into the US or import into Canada only to realize that there is a lot more than meets the eye? 

Choosing the right Customs Broker to help facilitate ALL aspects of your import/export is the easiest way to ensure a timely and seamless transaction.

A Customs Bond (aka a US Surety Bond) is a requirement by both CBP (US Customs Border and Protection) and by CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) for ALL Imports. 

Customs Bonds serves 2 purposes:

  1. Assures US CBP and CDN CBSA that the Importer will fulfill all financial responsivities for Customs Duties, Penalties, Taxes and any other obligations associated with this shipment.
  2. Protects the Importer from Exposure to any number of additional fines, expenses, delays that can arise by not having the proper documentation in place PRIOR to shipping. 
What type of Customs Bond do you require? 

  • Single Use Bonds 
  • Continuous Bonds 
  • D-120 Bonds 
  • Drawback Bonds Customs 
Bonds are Required by everyone involved in the shipment process including: 

  • Customs Brokers 
  • Transportation Companies 
  • Logistics Companies 
  • Importers 
  • Shippers 
  • OGD’s (Other Government Departments) 
By having the correct customs bond in place, you as the importer are assuring all parties involved that you will adhere to all laws and regulations by the CBP, CBSA & OGD’s. 

Using an experienced Customs Consultant from the start, one who can work out a plan of action that’s tailored to your business’s particular needs and requirements will help you avoid unnecessary delays at the border, transportation delays, penalties (AMPS) and risking Holds or Rejections from both CBP and CBSA.

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