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Should I Increase My House Insurance Coverage?

Should I Increase My House Insurance Coverage?
While your house insurance premium may have gone up over the last few years, that doesn't necessarily mean that the coverage amounts have increased as well. Consider the following: 

  • Have you done upgrades that increase the value of your home? 
  • Have you made an expensive purchase, such as jewellery? 
  • Have you enhanced your property with a hot tub, new deck or shed? It's also important to consider the surge in cost and scarcity of building supplies, more frequent severe weather events, and ever-increasing home values.
Many homeowners renew their policies year after year without much thought to increase the insurance coverage, although they may be accumulating more "things" and adding valuable updates to their homes.

Are your home and your possessions fully covered in the event of a loss? Are you certain? If you'd like to discuss whether you need to increase your coverage, please reach us at 1-800-679-2640 or email: