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Quick Winter Travel Tip for Homeowners

Quick Winter Travel Tip for Homeowners
Whether you’re escaping the cold Canadian winter for warmer climates, or heading away on a weekend ski-trip, if you’re a homeowner be sure you protect your home before you go!

If the power goes out or your furnace stops working while you’re away during the cold months, there’s a chance that the temperature of your home will drop significantly: increasing the odds of your water pipes freezing.

Water expands when it freezes which increases the likelihood of burst pipes. Once the heat is restored and water is flowing freely again, it may do so throughout your home: causing potentially severe damage.

Not all insurance policies cover preventable causes of water damage, such as burst pipes as the result of freezing. The best way to protect yourself from this potentially expensive accident is to shut off your water main before you leave your home. Learn how to find and shut off your home’s water main by clicking here.

Happy travels!