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Protect Your Household With Personal Cyber Insurance

Protect Your Household With Personal Cyber Insurance
As cybercrime continues to rise in Canada, EasyInsure is taking action to help protect individuals from this growing threat. The Canadian Internet Use Survey shows that 57.3% of residents have experienced at least one online security incident, highlighting the need for comprehensive cyber insurance coverage.

EasyInsure is addressing this need with its new Personal Cyber Insurance Policy. For just $100 per year, individuals and their family members will receive $25,000 of coverage, safeguarding them from scams that can lead to substantial financial losses. In addition to protecting against online shopping fraud and threats from cyber bullies and cyber stalkers, the policy also covers individuals against various forms of cybercrime.

The sophistication of scammers has increased, as demonstrated by a recent incident in London, ON, where a senior citizen had his banking information hacked and a credit card obtained in his name. The criminals accumulated over $14,000 in charges before the fraud was discovered. This story serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of cyber insurance.

EasyInsure aims to make the process of obtaining cyber insurance effortless. Interested individuals can sign up for the Personal Cyber Insurance Policy online, and coverage will take effect immediately.

Don't become a victim of cybercrime – protect yourself and your loved ones with EasyInsure's Personal Cyber Insurance Policy.

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