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Protect Your Event with Comprehensive Liability Insurance

Protect Your Event with Comprehensive Liability Insurance
Ensuring the success of an event involves managing countless details, and it can be easy to overlook something as crucial as event liability insurance. However, without proper coverage, you could be risking significant financial exposure should mishaps occur.

While some venues or events mandate proof of liability insurance, you might still wonder, "Why should I invest in event liability insurance? What could possibly go wrong?"

- Slip and Fall Accidents: These can happen anytime and can lead to serious injuries and lawsuits.
- Physical Altercations: Fights can result in injuries or property damage.
- Equipment Failures: Malfunctions can cause injuries to guests, staff, or damage the premises.
- Damage to Venue: Guests or hired personnel might unintentionally damage the event’s location.
- Alcohol-Related Incidents: Serving alcohol can lead to problems like intoxicated driving accidents or legal issues from serving minors.

What types of events need event liability insurance?

- Weddings - Meetings
- Sporting Events
- Conventions
- Charity Events or Auctions
- Job Fairs - Picnics
- Awards Presentations
- Family Reunions 
- Stag & Doe Parties
- Plays or Musicals
- Private Events up to 500 Guests
- Single or Multi-Day Events

Even if your company has a general liability policy, it is essential to understand that many scenarios could fall outside its coverage scope. As a leading event insurance provider across Canada, EasyInsure offers you comprehensive coverage at competitive prices. Our policies provide $1 to $2 million in liability coverage, including special considerations for events involving alcohol service.

We've done the market research so you can trust that you're getting the best event liability insurance at the best price. Start your online quote by clicking here or contact us at 1-800-679-2640 or email us at