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Ontario Drivers – Check Your Driver’s License Expiry

Ontario Drivers – Check Your Driver’s License Expiry
If you're a driver in Ontario, please take a moment to check the expiration date on your license. With the Ontario government no longer mailing out physical notices for expiring licenses, some drivers are finding out the hard way that their license has expired. An expired license may result in a non-renewal policy situation.

Insurance companies across Ontario are seeing a significant number of non-renewals of auto insurance policies due to expired licenses. The number of non-renewals is as high as 30% due to drivers neglecting to update their licenses.

The consequences of driving with an expired license can be severe. If you are pulled over and ticketed for driving without a valid license or are involved in an accident without insurance coverage, it can lead to higher auto insurance premiums. However, the process of getting your license reinstated is relatively straightforward. In most cases, drivers can renew their license online or physically go to Service Ontario to reinstate it. They then provide proof of reinstatement to their insurance company, and their renewal can be issued without any pricing implications.

Fortunately, most drivers can get their license reinstated and fight any tickets they may have received. However, if the license has lapsed for an extended period, the driver may be required to retake a driver's test. In this worst-case situation, they would have to pay new driver premiums on their insurance policy.

So, if you're an Ontario driver, check the expiration date on your license and renew it promptly to avoid any issues.

If you are concerned about an expired driver’s license and implications regarding your auto insurance policy, please reach out to us if you have any questions: