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Often Overlooked Road Trip Tips

Often Overlooked Road Trip Tips
Planning a day trip with family? A multi-province adventure? Visiting our neighbours to the south?

We’ve compiled a list of often overlooked road trip tips to help you make the most of your getaway.

Servicing your vehicle... and beyond

Likely you’ve had your car serviced before any lengthy trip, but there are a few other things to consider:

  • Check that your roadside emergency kit has everything you need if you have a flat tire or other unforeseen problem.
  • Invest in a travel first aid kit.
  • Organize your vehicle so everything is in easy reach for your passengers. When your vehicle is organized, you’ll never have to worry about a passenger unfastening their seatbelt to reach for items.
Using a bike or roof rack? Storing items in a hitch mounted cargo carrier?

Some vehicular modifications may not be covered under your current auto insurance policy. Reach out to your insurance broker to ensure all your road trip extras are covered!

Hit “record”

Before heading out on the open road, take a few minutes to video record the contents, packed items and the condition of your vehicle. Having this video handy may help you greatly in the event of insurance claim – and it only takes a minute!

Travelling stateside or out-of-province?

Yes! You need travel medical insurance! If you have coverage through your credit card or employee health benefits plan, thoroughly review the policy details noting: 

  • If all your passengers are covered
  • Any trip duration limitations
  • Any coverage gaps, existing condition exclusions or max limits
  • Be sure to bring a printed copy of contact numbers and any forms you may need filled out by a medical professional at the time of an unexpected emergency. 
No travel medical insurance? 

Insufficient coverage or limitations to your policy? We can help! 1-800-679-2640

Commit to distraction-free driving 

You have your car stocked with entertainment and snacks to keep your kids distracted during lengthy car rides, but the driver needs to focus entirely on the road! For each trip or leg of a trip, designate a co-pilot to navigate directions, manage your mobile device and be responsible for handing out snacks and deal with any backseat drivers.

Document, but disconnect

Oh, what sights you’ll see and memories you’ll make! Keep your travel plans and real-time adventures off social media until you return safely home. Posting your absence from home, even to friends or colleagues, is an invitation to burglars and vandals.

Lending, borrowing or renting a car?

What about additional drivers? Reach out to your insurance professional to ensure that you have the proper insurance coverage in place – know before you go!

We hope you enjoy every moment of your road trip. Safe travels!