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New Cyber Threat Targeting Canadian Businesses

New Cyber Threat Targeting Canadian Businesses
Many Canadian companies have taken a proactive stance to protect their business from cyber scams, and have provided training on how to recognize many forms of email phishing, including when a malicious link is embedded within an image. But businesses need to be aware of a new ransomware attack.

The new scam, nicknamed, “BazarCall” directs the recipient via email to contact a call centre for support, which could be:

  • Technical issues
  • Renew or cancel a subscription
  • Confirm product delivery
This email can bypass spam software programs as it does not include any images or embedded malicious links and the sender’s email address and phone number may appear to be legitimate. 

Once the call is placed often the scammer will gain the employee’s confidence by confirming soft details of the company and then directing the employee to a website for further instructions.

It is then that the employee is instructed by the cybercriminal to download a file to confirm specifics. The employee needs to “enable macros”, or the like, whereby the malicious software infects the company’s computer system, rendering the business vulnerable to takeover and a future ransomware attack.

It’s important that Canadian businesses of all sizes train employees to be aware of this new cyber threat, and just as critical, to have the proper cyber insurance in place to ensure the business is protected in the event of a security breach. Reach out to our team at EasyInsure to confirm your business is protected.