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Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance for Business Travellers

Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance for Business Travellers
Incidences of kidnapping, ransom and extortion are a very real threat to business travellers, particularly when working in areas of extreme poverty or political unrest. Even in situations where a ransom was threatened, but wasn’t paid, there are considerable costs related to negotiations, investigations, legal expenses, forensics, security, consultations and public relations.

Kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance for Canadian business travellers by EasyInsure offers the following benefits:

Financial protection: Without insurance, organizations may be responsible for millions of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses related to a crisis abroad. Kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance by EasyInsure helps protect the financial stability of your business.

Access to a network of experts: When required, these experts, often with local knowledge and experience, are trained in mitigating the crisis and remedying the tense situation in the quickest and safest manner possible.

Global protection: This coverage is available world-wide, ensuring wherever your organization does business, your employees are protected.

Risk reduction strategies: Some policies can help identify potential threats and may include workplace training, to help limit the risk of a kidnap or extortion situation.

Customizable coverage: In many cases coverage can be customized beyond ransom and extortion, including options such as:
  • Hijackings
  • Cyber extortion
  • Wrongful detention
  • Disappearances
  • Child abductions
  • Emergency deportation related to political instability
  • Physical assaults
  • Loss of earnings
If your Canadian business operates globally or in countries with poverty, civic/political unrest or with known kidnap and extortion occurrences; this insurance is an absolute must. Please reach out to us to begin the discussion and let us help determine the coverage you need. 1-800-679-2640