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It’s Time to Review Your Contractor’s Insurance

It’s Time to Review Your Contractor’s Insurance
The types of contractors vary as much as the insurance options we offer, and with all the changes the world has experienced lately, there’s a good chance that your insurance needs for your contracting business have changed. 

Consider for a moment if your business currently or may in the near future: 

  • Expects an increase in its annual gross receipts Is expanding to offer additional services
  • An increase of your inventory’s value 
  • Sub-contracts out some work 
  • Purchased upgraded equipment
  • Enhanced the building or property
  • Requires the need for an increase in liability insurance
As a company grows, insurance needs evolve. Having the proper insurance in place can help protect your future, your reputation, and your overall business. We recommend “when in doubt, reach out”! Feeling confident that you have proper insurance in place will allow you to focus on what’s important: your business!

At EasyInsure, we’re ready to learn about your exact needs and find you great coverage at a fair price. To discuss your contractor’s insurance needs, you can begin your online quote by clicking here, or reach out to us at or call: 1-866-679-2640