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Individual Health Insurance Made Easy with EasyInsure

Individual Health Insurance Made Easy with EasyInsure
Our plans offer many bundled options for varying degrees of health, dental, drug and travel coverage, at a competitive price, great for Canadians who are:

Covered through their employer, but require more coverage for themselves or their family.
Retiring or experiencing a change in their health coverage.
Self-employed or work by contract and are looking for complete health coverage for either themselves or their families.
Part-time or seasonal employees

Obtaining health insurance is easy with EasyInsure!

Simply compare, quote and apply.

With EasyInsure, you are easily able to compare plans online, focusing on the coverage you need. It’s easy for Canadians to qualify as well. You will need valid provincial health insurance and be under the age of 79.

Begin your health insurance plan options, quote and apply online today by clicking here. If you’d like to speak with a health insurance professional, reach out during business hours at 1-800-679-2640