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Important Travel Information for all Ontario Residents

Important Travel Information for all Ontario Residents
While OHIP previously offered very little in coverage amounts for those requiring medical care outside of Ontario, the new changes makes it more important than ever - whether traveling for work, for pleasure, as a student or a snowbird - that all Ontarians have the travel medical insurance coverage they need while abroad.

Previous coverage:

  • Out-of-country inpatient services up to $400 per day, for services such as intensive care.
  • Out-of-country emergency outpatient and doctor services, up to $50 per day.
Coverage as of January 1st 2020:

  • None
It’s also important to note that relying on workplace sponsored or credit card issued travel medical insurance may be inadequate in the event of a medical emergency. Obtaining the care necessary, and ensuring your expenses are covered are a crucial aspect of responsible travel and protecting your future financial security.

From Health Canada:

“Your credit card company may offer health and travel insurance, but don’t assume that coverage is automatically included or that the card alone provides adequate coverage. Some companies charge an additional premium for travel coverage. Others require that you use their card to pay for your travel arrangements.”

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