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Home Office Safety and Security – Advice and Tips

Home Office Safety and Security – Advice and Tips
Here are some great reminders for those who work from home.

Personal security

Keep your doors locked at all times and consider installing a security camera outside your main entrance. This will help you be aware of any potential threats to your property.

Online security

This week is the perfect time to change all of your passwords – and it’s recommended that you never use the same password twice. To help make the process easier, invest in a password management application.

Do a complete backup of your files – the only other time you might think to do this is when it’s too late! Be sure your network password is not easy for hackers to figure out and review or update your anti-virus and firewall software.

Check that any smart devices in your home have the latest security patch installed.

General security

If you have children or if you welcome guests in your home, consider adding a lock to your office area to help better secure sensitive information and keep safe your valuable computers, tablets, phones, etc.

Shred old paper documents and if needed, learn how to safely dispose of old hard drives.

Safety plans

Your home and your home office need to have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Ensure that yours have not expired and change the batteries twice a year.

Just as with your family, you need to have a fire escape plan in place for your home office.

Likely your workday relies on electronic gadgets. Check that the outlets aren’t overloaded and that they are tucked safely away to avoid tripping hazards.

Be sure you’re covered

Typical house insurance policies don’t provide protection for your business! Business related claims may be denied or have inadequate coverage limits.

If your home-based business provides a professional service, we highly recommend comprehensive errors & omissions professional liability insurance.

Working from home, whether full time or just a few hours a day, can present challenges much different that within a typical corporate setting. If we can help you with your home or business insurance, please reach out to us at 1-800-679-2640 or email