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Help to Eliminate Out-of-Pocket Health Insurance Expenses

Help to Eliminate Out-of-Pocket Health Insurance Expenses
According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, out-of-pocket health expenditures per person has increased an average of 4.5% annually since 1988; resulting in a significant financial burden for the many underinsured Canadian families and individuals.

Whether just needing a little extra health coverage to help better manage your monthly budget or a comprehensive plan for your entire family, EasyInsure has flexible, affordable and easy-to-obtain options for all Canadians.

Our Individual Health Plans are perfect for those:

  • Looking to top up their existing health plan
  • Those retiring or expecting a change in their current coverage
  • Small business owners
  • Self-employed, contract, part-time or seasonal workers
To view the EasyInsure Individual Health Insurance plan details, please click here, or click here to start your online quote. If you would like to talk to a health insurance professional, please reach out to us at: 1-800-679-2640 or email: