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Eliminate the Unexpected Costs of Major Home Appliance and Systems Breakdowns

Eliminate the Unexpected Costs of Major Home Appliance and Systems Breakdowns
Imagine never having to worry about a major home system or appliance repair cost again! Our Easy HomeShield warranty program covers the repair and replacement of your home’s systems or major appliances when they breakdown. 

The cost is very affordable and the claims process “easy”! 

Flexible, affordable, and worry-free peace of mind! Here are some incredible benefits of this warranty program:

  • There are no age restriction on homes, systems or appliances – coverage is for your primary residence, anywhere in Ontario 
  • No pre-inspection is required 
  • You choose the items you want to cover – just appliances, or home systems or a combination of both
  • You can choose your deductible and the number of items you want to cover 
  • Make payment and receive your policy documents instantly and coverage begins in 15 days Easy claims process and repairs are performed by qualified, insured and licensed technicians This plan is not related to your house insurance, and claims made through our Easy HomeShield program does not affect your home or condo insurance
Whether the major appliances or mechanical components in your home are brand new or are beginning to age, if you’d like to eliminate the unknown and potential expense or repairing or replacing these costly systems, the Easy HomeShield Warranty program is just what you need. 

Click here to learn more or purchase online. If you’d like to discuss this plan further, please reach out to us at: 1-800-679-2640, ext 275 or email –