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Does Your Business Need Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Does Your Business Need Errors and Omissions Insurance?
If you provide advisory services in exchange for a fee, this insurance may be right for you. As a professional, you would not intentionally give bad advice to a client or do something wrong, but everybody makes mistakes.

Errors and Omissions Insurance is a form of professional liability insurance, commonly referred to as E&O insurance. This insurance protects professionals from claims alleging financial loss due to a service provided, as well as lawsuits alleging misconduct, an accusation of negligence, and failure to deliver services or meet deadlines as promised.

Essentially, Errors and Omissions Insurance covers you in the event your client sues and wins a judgment against you for such an action.

Depending on your profession, errors and omissions insurance may be a requirement. And although it may not be required by law for all occupations, it is always a good idea to carry it to protect yourself and your business. 

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