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Distracted Driving and Your Commercial Vehicles

Distracted Driving and Your Commercial Vehicles
Whether you have a single vehicle which you use for business purposes, a few for employee’s daily use or a fleet of hundreds; when it comes to distracted driving and your commercial vehicles, there are numerous implications to consider.

We’ve all seen the stats, distracted driving, or the use of handheld devices while driving continues to be a growing problem across all of Canada. Consider:

Do your employees use a handheld device while driving your commercial vehicle?
Is their device personal, supplied by your company, or do they have both?
What if they were ticketed? How would it affect your commercial insurance? How does it affect their personal insurance?
What if they were involved in an accident while texting or using a handheld device? Who would be liable?
What if they were in an accident while communicating with you, a co-worker or a customer?

You, as the employer, or your business may be liable in the event of an accident. Under provincial law, the owner of a vehicle may be responsible for the loss or damage caused by the person operating the vehicle.
According to Health and Safety regulations, employers may be liable when employees are injured while driving for work purposes.

The potential for liability could result in significant legal, operational and financial implications for you and/or your business.

There are steps you can take to ensure your employees are safe and to help eliminate the potential for distracted driving related accidents.

  • Ensure your commercial vehicles are Bluetooth enabled or utilize a wireless radio handsfree adaptor.
  • Mandate and monitor the use of a ‘do not disturb’ while driving app which locks mobile devices at driving speeds. Some available apps stop all notifications and social media usage.
  • Initiate a distraction-free driving policy in your company, review and reinforce it regularly.
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Drive safe!