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Budgeting Made Easy for Home and Condo Owners

Budgeting Made Easy for Home and Condo Owners
Fall is here and colder weather on its way. With unpredictable times continuing in Ontario, combined with most of us still spending a lot more time at home, now is the best time to protect your home’s appliances and systems with our completely customizable Home Warranty Plan. 

If you're like most Ontarians, repairing or replacing an appliance, furnace, hot water tank or fixing a plumbing problem (just to name a few!) may result in a significant financial burden. This means even a minor repair could impact your normal spending habits.

Now, imagine not having to worry about the expense of replacing a furnace, an AC unit, a dryer or fixing an electrical problem. Combine this with the fact that our home warranty plan also saves your time; it's only one phone call when a breakdown occurs – no arranging quotes to repair or shopping for a replacement. And best of all, the plans start as low as $150 a year!

We invite you to learn more about our Easy HomeShield Interior Home Breakdown Protection Plan and start your online quote today! Please reach out to us anytime to arrange your business insurance review. 1-800-679-2640. Or email us at