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Are Your Valuables Covered?

Are Your Valuables Covered?
If something happened to a valuable possession you own, are you confident that your insurance coverage would fully replace its value?

Would you be covered if your rare book collection was water damaged, you lost your engagement ring, or your valuable sporting equipment was stolen?

Home insurance helps protect the things you own, often up to a specific dollar amount, which could leave your most prized and valuable possessions vulnerable.

Do you own any of the following?

  • Expensive jewellery or watches
  • Collections such as art, stamps, sports cards, rare books or coins
  • Luxury handbags, purses or valuable vintage clothing
  • Sporting equipment
  • High-end electronics
Review your house insurance policy documents, there are two important areas to consider: Personal Property and Special Limits Coverage Limits. If you calculate the value of all your possessions, would there be gaps in your coverage?

If your valuables exceed the limits, you need to speak to your insurance professional to update your policy. Reach out to us if you have questions about the limits on your house insurance, or to increase your policy limits: