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Windshield Chips - Know Before You Need To

Windshield Chips - Know Before You Need To
“Oh, it’s just a chip… it’ll be fine.” 

If you’ve said or heard someone say this, it’s time to hit the brakes! (Figuratively, not literally!)

This is what you need to know. Even the smallest of chips can turn into a problem. Any amount of pressure from a change in temperature (which happens daily in Windsor – Essex County!) to even just driving over a speed bump could quickly turn your tiny chip into a dangerous view-obstructing crack. 

Not only can this crack block your view, but the time and cost to repair a crack is much greater than fixing just a chip.

How are chips fixed?

A resin is injected into the chipped area.

What if the chip turns into a crack? 

Small cracks are often repairable by drilling holes in the surrounding area and filling with reason. 

For repairable cracks, consider that especially in new vehicles, windshields often contain built-in sensors and cameras to support driver assistance such as adaptive cruise control. Not only does this technology make windshields more costly to replace, but there is also a time factor involved re-calibrating the vehicle’s computer system, leading to increased labour costs. 

Will my car insurance policy cover the cost of repairing my chipped or cracked windshield?

If you have comprehensive coverage and damage has not occurred as the result of a collision, repairs or replacement will generally be covered (minus your deductible). Some insurance companies may even waive the deductible entirely to fix a chip or minor crack.

How might a windshield damage claim affect my insurance?

With most insurance companies, you will not see an increase in premiums with a chip or minor crack repair. Whereas windshield replacement may raise your premium and/or affect your deductible.

If you have a question about a chipped or damaged windshield, or any car insurance question, we’re here for you! Reach out to us at: 519-736-8228