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Be Confident in Your House Insurance Coverage

Be Confident in Your House Insurance Coverage
In Canada, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in house insurance claims due to weather related events, and considering the ever-present threat of fire and theft, it’s more important than ever that all homeowners are confident in their house insurance coverage, limitations and extra available options. 

When working with a homeowner to find the best insurance options at a competitive price, we strive to educate our customers on three critical house insurance elements: 

  1. Coverage amount limitations (as an example: a cap of $10,000 in coverage for a water damaged basement) 
  2. Coverage exclusions (as an example: not covered in the event of a sewer backup)
  3. Additional coverage options (as an example: flood insurance) 
We encourage our customers to be completely confident in all aspects of their house insurance coverage. As an example, some natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and sinkholes often aren’t covered by your standard policy. 

What does the average house insurance policy cover? 

  • Coverage for your physical dwelling 
  • The contents of your home are covered in the event of theft, fire and in some situations, water damage. It’s important to be aware that many common household items may have coverage limits or may be excluded completely. Examples of these items may include:
  • Money 
  • Jewellery and furs 
  • Antiques and collectables 
  • Fine arts and silverware 
  • Sporting equipment 
  • Firearms 
  • Landscaping, patios, decks and swimming pools 
  • Electronic data 
  • Personal liability protection which covers you and your family. 
Additional coverage options to consider: 

  • Detached or structures built on your property around your home 
  • Additional coverage for high-value contents 
  • Sewer backup 
  • Water which enters and damages your home by entering through windows and doors as the result of heavy rains or rising lake and river levels 
  • Operating a home-based business 
  • Extra liability protection 
  • Vacancy or renovation endorsement 
  • Home invasion insurance 
Whether buying insurance for the first time, renewing a policy, or having EasyInsure shop the market for you, it’s important that you communicate all your coverage needs and questions. There are also several factors which may entitle you to a discount on your premium, such as loyalty, multiple policies or membership/employment group savings. 

At EasyInsure, we make the process of shopping for homeowners' insurance easy by delivering the most comprehensive list of quotes available and customized to your personal and household needs. 

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